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We strive to provide the highest quality produce, fresh and as close to harvest as possible, all from New Zealand if possible and always seasonal.
We use the highest quality packaging, which performs better in strength, insulation, re-usability and protection of fresh food.

We maintain the quality of your produce by using the right packaging, speedy, careful delivery and by taking care of the produce from all the way to your doorstep.


The word 'Organic' is not a legislated term in New Zealand, therefore the only way to ensure that a growers processes are truly organic is to ask for third party certification. Organic Boxes only supplies produce from growers who have, or who are converting to, fully certified status

Certification involves soil sampling, auditing of farming practices and regular re-inspections by the certification authority; BioGro, AgriSure, Demeter or OFNZ to name the four New Zealand ones. Several suppliers claim to have their own certification, this is just nonsense. A key element of certification is independence.

Passion for the environment

We only have one planet, once it is poisoned or the finite resources are gone, its gone. We already have all the technology and knowledge we need to feed far more than the world’s population, without using artificial fertilisers or pesticides. The 'green revolution' was a holocaust in disguise and we are reaping it’s harvest in pollution and disease.
However, Organic Boxes does not want to see a return to a pre-industrial world, we believe that technology will provide sustainable solutions to large scale organic farming issues.


The most effective response to our need for energy is to use it sustainably. Reuse and minimisation are the key aspects of sustainability, followed by repurposing and recycling, finally composting returns truly unwanted or unusable resources back to the earth for nature to reuse and to complete the cycle.

Organic Boxes reuses all it’s packaging and so freely collects all empty boxes. In the future we will be changing from Polystyrene boxes to boxes which have the added benefit of being compostable.

Real value not cut price

Organic agriculture is smaller scale and more labour intensive than the current, conventional, chemical agriculture, therefore the produce costs more. There are few if any subsidies available for organic growers and the extra cost of certification must also be passed on to the consumer. This makes organic food more expensive.
However if the cost of conventional farming is poor health and a toxic environment, then the value of certified organic farming, once the price of health care and the toxic cleanup is taken into account, is vastly more.

Pay the farmer now, not the doctor later.