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Be an Earth saving super hero!

Posted by Richard on 7/30/2015 to News
Be an Earth saving super hero!

Become a food super hero with Organic Boxes

Grab the spandex and get ready to save the world, one box at a time

Organic food is grown without artificial fertilizers, which are made from fossil deposits, like lignite. An investigation in the Netherlands discovered that artificial fertilizer released at least 3.5Kg of CO2 for every 1Kg of fertilizer produced.

New Zealand is a pretty big user of artificial fertilizers. In statistics from the World Bank, New Zealand was measured at a fertilizer usage rate of over 1,400 Kg per hectare per year. That means that growing conventional crops, even using the most environmentally friendly fertilizer, releases over 5 tonnes of CO2 from fossil sources into the atmosphere each year for every hectare in use, and that's before the tractor even starts it's engine.

A reasonable estimate of the number of plants grown in a hectare is 150,000 (that's a lot of cabbage!) so one conventionally grown plant would account for 5000kg/150000 plants = 30 grammes of CO2.

If a standard organic box contains the equivalent of 10 plants then each box you buy saves the environment from 300g of fossil CO2. Add in the savings from reusing the box and not using disposable plastic bags and you can pat yourself on the back for saving over 350g of CO2! That's the equivalent of driving over 2 kilometres!

Now spread that over a year and you become a 15Kg of CO2 saving super hero!