Local, certified organic produce on the menu
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Local, certified organic produce on the menu

Posted by Richard on 7/11/2016 to News
Local, certified organic produce on the menu

Local organic home delivery specialists, Organic Boxes have launched their new commercial supply service for Wellington chefs, cafes, and restaurants. Before today Organic Boxes only supplied to domestic customers but now they are extending their 100% certified organic produce to the commercial market.

"Many restaurants would like to offer more organic food, but they either need to buy large amounts from a wholesaler or pay retail prices which makes it uneconomic. Organic Boxes is offering the middle way, wholesale prices with retail quantities for commercial customers." says Richard Bacon, founder and owner.

"being able to order an exact amount rather than whole crates will be great for cafes and restaurants, allowing them to offer more organic choices without charging ridiculous prices. They will also be able to reduce their surplus produce and control their waste better." he continues.

"We only supply fully certified organic produce, unlike wholesalers who often supply organic as a secondary product if at all and who often have limited range or supply.

We are able to leverage our domestic delivery service because we are already out delivering and we already have orders for produce, so fulfilling exact count requests from commercial customers is simple for us."

Speaking about their business model, Richard explained:

"we place our orders for produce direct with growers each week, but not until we've received orders from our customers, so all our produce is as fresh as possible because it comes in then goes out, no big storage sheds or chillers, no display cabinets and no stacks of fresh produce in crates getting old and tired. Just enough fresh food, from the farm to the customer as fast as we can."