Organic Boxes introduces Direct Harvest
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Organic Boxes introduces Direct Harvest

Posted by Richard on 8/29/2016 to News
Organic Boxes introduces Direct Harvest

Organic Boxes introduces Direct Harvest[tm]

Wellington's leader in Certified Organic home delivery is breaking new ground by effectively bringing 'pick your own produce' to your kitchen.

In a system they are calling Direct Harvesttm, Organic Boxes aims to 'out fresh' the market by connecting customers directly with growers.

"The Direct Harvesttm system works by growers not harvesting until we send the customer's order to them. Then the grower picks the crop, sends it to Organic Boxes and we pack and deliver it straight to the customer. Often this can mean that your food is less than 12 hours out of the ground." says a proud Organic Boxes owner, Richard Bacon.

"Our customers have told us that quality and freshness is top of their list and we are the only company able to really deliver that to them." He continued.

"No one else has the business model we do. We ask the customer what they want, then we order it from the grower. Everyone else orders by guessing their weekly volumes, then they either run out, leave fresh food on display for days or have to store excess for future orders, or they waste good food."

"We have tiny amounts of waste and our produce is so close to harvest time that you might think you've been to the farm and picked it yourself! That's why we've called our model Direct Harvesttm and we're raising the standard of what quality, fresh produce is."