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Our Why (Part 1)

Posted by Richard on 3/4/2017 to News
Our Why (Part 1)

The purpose of Organic Boxes

To help create a food industry that is as sustainable as possible.

Our brand promise

Because we care

The meal you sit down to enjoy, on your own or with friends or family, is the end point of not just a supply chain, but a series of feedback loops from the soil, through the grower, the processor, the packager, the importer, the wholesaler, the retailer, you, the waste industry and finally back to the soil. Every step along the way has an environmental, economic, social and health impact and your choices as a consumer are your votes for the system you want to see.
Organic boxes believes that the current food chain is inefficient and isolates you, the consumer, from the people and the processes that provide the most vital of life's needs. We want to reconnect you to your food.
Because we care for food, the environment and people's health, we have created the most sustainable set of processes we could to provide you with the best food we can.