The everything 'certified organic' store
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The everything 'certified organic' store

Posted by on 8/18/2016 to News
The everything 'certified organic' store

Organic Boxes, the Wellington home delivery specialist, are proud to announce their product request service, allowing customers to get all their certified organic shopping delivered together.

If you can buy it in Wellington and it's certified organic, then organic boxes will stock it, on demand, for you so you can have it delivered with the rest of your organic shopping.

No more trips to the shop to fill in the gaps in your cupboards. No more traveling from shop to shop for different organic items. Organic Boxes will deliver it all.

When asked how organic boxes will be able to stock so many diverse lines, Richard Bacon, co-owner and director said:
"We are bringing the concepts of lean manufacturing to the food industry. Currently shops buy large quantities of what they think you want, then try make you buy it. We are turning that around. You tell us what you want to buy, then we find it and supply it. The advantage to you is a real one stop shop. The advantage to us is, no store room full of products no one actually wants that we end up selling on special, just to clear them."

"Pile it high, sell it cheap, is an outdated, wasteful and patronising idea. The retailer is pushing products on the customer, telling the customer what to buy. We are implementing a pull process, customers tell us what they want, we get it for them, then deliver it. It's like a personal shopper for everyone."

"It's a great way to save money on the weekly shop too. Give us your shipping list of what you actually need, no more buying stuff just because you see it. How often have you impulse bought stuff because the retailer is shouting at you to buy, from an over stocked display stand?"

"Since the launch, this week, we've added certified organic, gluten free bread and certified organic dates. We're looking forward to adding many more products as our customers realise they can get any product on the market added to their weekly delivery for no more cost and a lot less effort."